The Problem

Destiny’s mission is to educate, employ and empower vulnerable children and women in Kolkata so they can avoid sexual exploitation. Our work is about survivor rehabilitation and the prevention of re-trafficking of survivors.

Reality of Trafficking

Modern Slavery is a global problem that every country is affected by, it encompasses sex and labour trafficking, as well as many other forms. The latest estimates reveal that there are more than 40 million victims across the world. There is no possible way to accurately know the number of victims of modern slavery, but numbers are on the rise.The United Nations have now recognised some of the various forms of trafficking and slavery to be a part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Kolkata is the state of capital West Bengal in east India, which is a major international human trafficking hub. Known as the City of Joy, Kolkata also struggles with poverty. In large slum areas and smaller private brothels in richer suburbs, women work illegally due to the lack of economic opportunities.

After Rescue

After some emergency support from the police and rescue organisations, girls are typically relocated to a Government shelter home. Here, they live and continue their education until they are 18 years old. West Bengal has several hundred government shelter homes which provide only basic care. Personalised and specialised care is essential to empower girls with the necessary life skills to make them resilient and safe when the leave the shelter home. Without this, the risk of re-trafficking rises significantly.

Issue of Re-trafficking

Women who work in brothels in Kolkata live in an illegal world of slavery and violence. Psychologically, it becomes very difficult for women to even consider a life outside the trade. Without the self-realisation of the possibilities of life outside a brothel, the problem becomes a generational issue which traps families and extends the problem. The challenge therefore is to intercept this cycle of abuse.