Our Approach

We believe that empowering women with employment, skills and education is a powerful way to help prevent them from being exploited. Destiny’s charitable and employment programmes connect with each other to provide a support structure that can span many years of a woman’s life. As we support them through their individual successes and challenges we are able to help them avoid decisions which can lead to exploitation.

Many women have been supported by several of our projects over the years. For example some women have received care from Destiny as a child at a government shelter home, have benefitted from safe accommodation at our home-stay and are now employees at Destiny. Some have even decided to plan a career working on counter-trafficking projects!

At Destiny we often say “one life at a time” because we believe in the power of investing in long-term support. Many of our employees and those who know us well describe us as a family. So, read about what we do. If this is something which connects with you then we’d love to hear from you. Email us at info@destinyreflection.org.

Education & Literacy

Our literacy programmes aim to reveal the positive aspects of education by overcoming the insecurity of illiteracy for these women. This programme includes teaching group language classes and discussing about various topics such as health and hygiene.


Our sewing training is conducted by a professional trainer who teaches these young women everything from measurements to cutting and completing final products.

Read about the projects we are operating in Kolkata below.

Government Shelter home SERVICES

The Indian Government provide hundreds of shelter homes in West Bengal for vulnerable children. Many of these children have been rescued from a variety of distressed situations, including sex trafficking, child labor, child marriage, domestic violence, and homelessness. We provide enhanced social services in one government shelter home for girls. We send professionals and volunteers to lead arts and crafts programmes, as well as literacy and job-skills training. These programmes help the girls process some of their terrible experiences as well as make them more prepared for adulthood when they leave the home at 18 years old.

Homestay programME

At 18 years of age, girls must leave the shelter home. Many lack the necessary support structures (family, friends, employment, etc) and so a homestay service is vital to provide a safe space for women to learn basic skills whilst living in Kolkata. Close mentoring is provided on topics such as handling relationships, cooking, training/employment, and managing money. Without a homestay service many would be left with no option but to live in a brothel area in the city and many would be exploited by traffickers.

Khidderpore Red Light Area Community CentRE


We run a community centre in the heart of the Khidderpore red light area in Kolkata. We run various social and wellness events in addition to teaching sewing skills, literacy training and business workshops. The purpose of this programme is to improve general well-being in the community and improve empowerment. The freedom to talk in a safe environment plus the self-realisation of the ability to learn new skills can dramatically improve the perception of themselves and of their children’s prospects.



Many women who have grown up in the shelter home and use our homestay programme also choose to be employed Destiny manufacturing fashion accessories. Destiny employs the most vulnerable women who may struggle to find employment elsewhere. We provide training, counselling and one-to-one support to develop general employment as well as sewing and manufacturing skills. This programme reduces the risk of exploitation by providing a supportive work environment away from the red light areas.