Corona Virus: Supporting the Most Vulnerable

Destiny has reacted quickly to the Corona virus emergency to provide resources and support for vulnerable women. A summary is below. To continue this support we urgently need your help. Please spare what you can by clicking the donate button below.

In an effort to contain the virus, the Indian government has placed the country in a lock down. Unfortunately this has left many of the most vulnerable people in India unable to earn money and provide for their families. Destiny has acted quickly to ensure the safety and security of those we are supporting:

  1. Destiny has provided emergency food and financial support for the residents of our Homestay accommodation service. Many of the residents are employed in local businesses which have stopped trading during the lockdown and therefore in most cases they are not receiving a salary. During this unsettling time Destiny will continue supporting our residents and connect them with applicable government schemes.
  2. Destiny has distributed emergency food and provisions to the community in the Kidderpore red light area of Kolkata.  Most women in the red light areas of Kolkata have suddenly lost their income and have become more vulnerable than ever. It’s vital that we continue to provide support during this stressful period.
  3. Destiny Reflection continues to provide salaries to all staff in our fashion accessory business. Despite being in lockdown and being unable manufacture and sell our products, we continue to ensure our employees have the financial support they need during this time.
Destiny staff working in the Kidderpore Community
Destiny staff loading much-needed food for women in the Kidderpore Community