Khidderpore Red Light Area Community Centre

Destiny foundation has started a community centre in the heart of the Khidderpore red light area, where job-oriented sewing skills are being taught alongside literacy training.  The women there have a choice of being a part of the sewing, literacy, or both the programmes. One of Destiny Reflection’s has played a very important part in building the community centre.


The sewing training is conducted at Destiny Reflection’s production centre by a professional trainer, who comes in and teaches the employees everything from measurement, to cutting, to making final products.


The main aim of the literacy programme is to overcome the insecurity of illiteracy and to convince the employees of the positive aspects of education. The staff members of Destiny Reflection, with the support of volunteers and interns, have created a resource bank for the education programme.

The education programme includes peer group teaching, informal interaction and discussion on various topics.

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Sukanya Home Project

Sukanya is one of the government shelter homes in Kolkata for girls who have been rescued from a variety of distressed situations. Destiny Reflection has built a relationship with the shelter home and sends volunteers to lead arts and crafts programmes for the girls. We have 30-40 girls, with even more wanting to join the programme.


Home Stay Programme

Destiny provides accommodation for women who have recently moved on from shelter homes in Kolkata. It is a secure place for young women who are just beginning their journey through further studies and employment.