Our Story

Destiny Reflection was founded in 2007 by Smarita Sengupta and Rebecca Bavinger, alongside Made by Survivors, a USA-based organisation, with financial support from Made by Survivors and the Clayton Family.

In 2007, Sharan Dhanoa visited Destiny Reflection and has since become a strong part of this social enterprise. Dr. Rochelle Tucker has been supporting Destiny since its inception and spent one full year securing funding for the organisation. At the end of 2009, Rebecca left Kolkata to pursue an advanced degree in the USA and Smarita continued to run the organisation with local supporters. Destiny gradually became independent with the support of many well-wishers, both local and international. For example, Cents of Relief, Kingsland Church, Graham Doll, Anne Edwardson and Martine Bolsens-Peetermans have been some of the strongest supporters of Destiny.

Destiny Foundation was registered in 2009 in Kolkata as a Trust with Smarita as President, and Sanjoy Sengupta and Jayeeta Bhowmick as Trustees of the Board. These local supporters have been working tirelessly to expand the opportunities for Destiny Reflection.

In 2010 Smarita earned Fellowship from  GWLN which was a break through followed by Ford  and Columbia University Fellowship in 2013 and an award from GWLN – Leader Of Impact Award 2013.

Destiny continues to build relationship and has received support from people and organisations. With out help of those friends this journey would have not been possible