There are many ways in which you can help us.

Buy our Products: We produce a wide variety of products, but to ensure its sales, we are looking for distributors and retailers. Write to us if you like any of our products and would like to stock it in your stores. Refer us to stores around you or host a home party every year where you can spread awareness about trafficking among your friends and sell our products.BK7V0b2CUAAkAow
Many of our products can be customized for specific needs. For more details, head to our Products page.

Financial Contribution: At Destiny, we aim to be self-sufficient by generation our own resources through our business wing – Reflection. However, help is always welcome. The funds you donate can be utilized in training new employees, enhancing our infrastructure and starting new projects.

New! Back our project to fund trainers!

Work with Us: We value our volunteers greatly. We welcome you to conduct classes for our employees in specific crafts as well as embroidery and sewing lessons. Classes in English-speaking and communication skills will also be helpful. In addition, you can also contribute by assisting us in the many aspects of business and administration.

If you have a great idea for a project that you think we may be able to execute or benefit from, do write to us.