About Us

In 2007, Smarita and Becky founded Destiny. We are an organisation based in in Kolkata, India, whose goal is to end human trafficking and modern slavery in the region. Our aim is not simply to save girls from trafficking or sexual exploitation, but to make certain that they are not compelled to go back into the trade due to social and economic pressures.

Destiny comprises two divisions which work in tandem: Destiny Foundation is our charitable wing, and Destiny Reflection is our social business wing.  Destiny Reflection recruits women from shelter homes and brothels and gives them training and employment opportunity. All of our employees are survivors of trafficking. Re-trafficking is always a risk for vulnerable women without economic empowerment.

Destiny commits to reinvesting surplus profits made by Reflection back into the Foundation’s charitable programmes.

Smarita Sengupta, Founder of Destiny

Destiny Foundation run several charitable programmes which support vulnerable girls and women. We work in shelter homes, provide Homestay accommodation for young women and provide community support for women in Kolkata’s brothel areas.

Together, these form a comprehensive path of education, training, support and economic empowerment.